OUR SCHOOL - Meet the Executive Team

Principal's Message

I am delighted to welcome you to the website of Holy Saviour School.The culture of Holy Saviour School is one of shared values and a commitment to quality Catholic education. Our mission is to provide children with an education that serves to inspire, empower and motivate them to use their gifts and talents in loving service of God and others. It is my goal to ensure that our mission statement guides every decision in the school, from the classroom level to the executive level. 

Our school enjoys a proud reputation for high quality learning and teaching. We strive to resource our classrooms as innovative and supportive learning environments that reflect contemporary and differentiated teaching and learning practices. The teachers and administrative team hold the highest standards for all students at Holy Saviour School. High standards for student respect, responsibility and integrity help create a positive  learning environment.

Our staff are a collaborative and proactive team who focus on improving their teaching practice and therefore improving student learning outcomes. My executive team and I welcome your input and suggestions and are always ready to engage in discussion with parents about their child's progress. My office door is always open!

At Holy Saviour, we uphold a strong sense of community and we are guided by our faith to make sure our students are happy, productive and loving members of society.

I look forward to meeting all our new families and to engaging with our current families throughout the coming years. 

Mrs Dianne Klumpp

Assistant Principal's Message

Our school is a small, close-knit and welcoming community that embraces people from diverse backgrounds and experiences. I am grateful, every day, to work with such a passionate, dedicated and caring staff whose genuine focus on the students, their learning and their well-being is evident as you walk through the school.

Our goal is for each child to reach his or her greatest potential and it is within this type of learning culture that I believe all members of our community can thrive. As Assistant Principal, my role centres around teacher professional learning and development and the effective design and implementation of teaching programs.  We have a process of continuous review of our teaching practices and programs to ensure that we are following the most up-to-date research, meeting all regulations and addressing the individual learning needs of our students.

Our teachers are driven by a desire to see each child achieve and are regularly engaged in professional learning. This professional learning is often designed in-house to ensure that teachers can readily apply new learning in their classrooms. Our teachers are committed to their own growth as professionals and this is one of the reasons we are able to provide our students with a solid foundation for their futures.

If you have any questions about teaching and learning at Holy Saviour School, I am always willing to sit down and talk with our parent community. I look forward to working with you both now and into the future.

Ms Rachael Bryant

Religious Education Coordinator's Message 

Alongside the academic devleopment of our students, the most important role we have as teachers at Holy Saviour School is sharing, with you, in the formation of your child's faith and spirituality.

Religious education is an integral part of the curriuclum at Holy Saviour School and is, indeed, a focus that permeates the life, learning and culture of our school. In fostering the holisitc development of our students, we recognise that our school community functions as part of the wider Church community, nurturing the faith that parents pass on to their children. We are called into active partnership with home, school and parish and share a common mission with all  - to help our children to grow in knowledge of Jesus Christ, our Saviour.

We contribute to the life-long faith journey of our children by providing them with opportunities to share their faith through Liturgies, regular prayer, Sacramental preparation, community service and charity programs and classroom Religious Education classes.  Our formal Religion program is drawn from the Melkite Catholic Religious Education Program titled: "God with Us". The purpose of the program is to present the traditions and scripture of the Catholic church through the eyes of the Eastern church. The strucutre of lessons is focused on traditional Christian theology, drawing from both the Old and New Testaments. Our children are challenged to respond to the call of Christ by developing a better understanding of the Catholic fiath and thus responding with more personal relationship with God.

I warmly welcome you to our school with open arms. I am regularly available to all who wish to talk about, learn about and embrace our faith. 

Father Ibrahim Sultan