LEARNING - Professional Development

Holy Saviour School has a solid history of facilitating premium professional learning experiences for its entire staff.  We are committed to providing high-quality, timely and tailored professional learning for all our teachers with a view to continuously improving student learning outcomes. Professional learning at Holy Saviour School is job-embedded, practice-driven and ongoing.

The Leadership Team monitors current research, school data and NESA requirements and plans or selects professional learning experiences based on identified needs in the school. Professional learning can be in the form of in-class peer modelling, collaborative programming, mentoring, coaching, team teaching, professional development workshops and professional development days. Provisions are made for teachers to meet regularly with their supervisor/mentor to identify, plan for and review their professional learning goals.

Our teachers meet frequently to discuss new ideas and pedagogy, analyse data, formulate theories, trial new approaches and to evaluate practice. Our teachers see professional development as central to their success in the classroom and to the improvement of learning outcomes for students.