LEARNING - Religious Education

  Religious education is a lifelong process. It is at the heart of all education at Holy Saviour School. Our faith informs and influences all learning in our school and it is integrated throughout the curriculum. We believe this contributes to a genuinely religious way of understanding the world. Meaningful prayer and the Melkite liturgy nurture and give expression to the religious dimension of school life in the context of the Church's celebration of the liturgical year.

 One distinctive characteristic of Holy Saviour School, as a congregational Catholic school, is that it is a special place where a focus on the parish family is fostered and promoted. Holy Saviour School recognises that parents are the first educators of their children, and that school and home are bound together in common purpose. Parents are actively encouraged to become involved in their children's learning at school and we have many families regularly attending our Friday Divine Liturgy. The family is the place where our faith and the faith of our children is born, and the parish community is where this faith receives further nourishment and grows in maturity.

 Religious Education is provided in many ways. As with other subjects, teachers help their students to develop specific knowledge, understanding, skills, values and attitudes through the implementation of the "God With Us" Catholic Melkite program. Students participate in reflection days, retreats, in the liturgical and prayer life of the school, and are able to participate in the school-based Sacramental Program.