COMMUNITY - Parish News

St John the Beloved Melkite Catholic Parish is located next to the school and offers the Divine Liturgy (Mass) every weekday Monday-Thursday at 8.30am in Arabic/English together with the School Mass on Friday mornings at 9am. 

The school mass is an integral part of the Religious program at Holy Saviour School. We invite parishioners and parents to also attend mass with the school.

Additionally, the parish offers Divine Liturgy every Sunday at 9am (in Arabic), 10.00am (in Arabic/English) and 11.30 am (in English).
The parish also has a church choir which parishioners are invited to attend.
Every Saturday, a program for children is offered for children aged from Kindergarten to Year 9. The activities include Catechesis and some time of fun. Dance lessons and soccer are also offered on the day. Youth aged from Year 10 and above meet on Wednesday evenings.
The school has a Catholic Chaplain on staff who works with staff and children to enlarge and expand their faith and offer spiritual guidance, when required.
The Melkite Catholic tradition is steeped in iconography and tradition. Our Melkite Bishop is resident in the local vicinity and responsible for 13 parishes throughout Australia and New Zealand.