Teacher Professional Learning

Research has shown that teacher professional learning is one of the key components in improving student learning outcomes. The teachers' understanding of a child's unique needs and personality and their capacity to personalise a learning program are critical. The quality of the teacher depends on their training, mentoring and supervision, their own personality and love of children and most importantly their own continuous professional development.

At Holy Saviour School every staff member is supported through individual professional development plans which are developed collaboratively with the Teacher Educator and the Principal within the local context. These learning plans focus on the directions of the school and the needs/preferences of the individual teacher and are guided by the school's strategic plan. Our teachers undertake an average of 50 hours professional development each year and have a strong working understanding of educational theories and developments.

Professional learning takes place in a number of different ways to ensure all staff members have the opportunity to access learning. Methods include: one-to-one meetings, stage-based workshops, mentoring, coaching, team-teaching, in-class modeling (demonstration), whole staff meetings, whole staff workshops and full staff development days. We have a very high level of collegiality and collaboration at Holy Saviour and each teacher is valued, respected and supported both as an individual and as a professional.

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