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Education and Creativity

At Holy Saviour School we strongly value the development of the creative and independent thinker. Sir Ken Robinson, PhD is an internationally recognised leader in the development of education, creativity and innovation and we have found his ideas on schooling both challenging and inspiring.

We are aspiring to create a learning environment that meets his challenge; we want our children to love learning, be excited by life and to value their own abilities and imagination. Please click on the link below to gain more insight into the guiding forces behind the Professional Development happening here at Holy Saviour School.

Changing Educational Paradigms:


Oral Language and Literacy

Over the last year and a half we have focused more and more on the oral language development of our students. Research has shown that talking and listening form the basis of ALL literacy learning. Our mantra at Holy Saviour School has become: "If they can't say it, how will they be able to read it or write it?"

With this in mind, our teaching and learning practices have a strong focus on oral language learning, communicative activities, group work, providing opportunities for talk and opportunities for students to interact with strong models of oral language.

This recent Sydney Morning Herald article confirms the value of our approach:

Talking and Listening: the key to literacy

Please talk to your child's teacher or use the link below to explore the ways you can help develop your child's oral language ability:

Early childhood literacy

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